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Large Volume Processing

Mario Fabbri started Fabbri Sausage in 1935 with a simple premise: Offer the very best products, great service, and fair prices, and success would naturally follow. He was right. Throughout the years Fabbri has grown, and today we are still driven by our tradition of producing high quality products, providing dependable service and competitive prices.

Owner - Mario Fabbri
Owner - Mario Fabbri (1946)
Fabbri Sausage

A Family Tradition of Integrity, Quality and Service Since 1935

Chicago is home to Deep-Dish Pizza, Italian Sausage, and Italian Beef. Fabbri has been supplying this well-known industry for over 70 years. We know what it takes to produce superior products for the most discerning customer. Fabbri uses only the highest quality ingredients, strictly prepared.  Our manufacturing processes follow precise scientific guidelines, which guarantee consistent taste, texture and appearance. We take pride in every pound of product we manufacture. In the food business, as in no other, quality is judged by a labyrinth of measures ranging from standards such as cleanliness, healthfulness, cooking temperatures, and economy to subjective characteristics like appearance, smell, and taste. Only those products which meet or exceed all of these specifications are deemed acceptable. Exceptional requires much more.  We learned long ago that in order to succeed, we needed to meet all these difficult standards and then go even further.

Fabbri starts with the best meat available, blending choice herbs and spices, and creating a product that is consistently the most flavorful at any price. We invest in equipment and training to insure that our plant continuously receives an excellent rating from the U.S.D.A. Finished products are tested in our kitchens and tasted by the most discriminating palates in the city, our president and his family.

Fabbri can create a custom recipe or duplicate an existing product on site.  Our test kitchens are set up for any development project, from conception to final taste testing. We can also custom package with your private label. Your product, your package, and the confidence that comes with Fabbri quality.

Fabbri does not stop once the perfect product is made. Our customer service is exceptional. Whether you buy a hundred pounds a week or a thousand pounds a day, our sales staff knows your name, eats at your establishment, and in many cases, has worked with you to develop custom recipes or packaging to meet your exact needs. Fabbri focuses on superior ingredients, processes, and service. The exceptional quality and flavor in every product will be noticed bite after bite. We stand behind every single pound of the products we make. We stake our reputation on quality, which is why our products carry our name.

Italian Sausage

Italian Beef

Italian Meatballs

Italian Sausage Italian Beef Italian Meatballs

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