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Fabbri Sausage's Retail Customers

A True Story about the history of Fabbri Sausage and retail sales

In the mid 60s, from time to time, policemen and firemen would stop by Fabbri Sausage and ask to buy our Italian Sausage. Mario Fabbri would always say yes, and charge them wholesale prices. In no time word spread and many people were stopping in to buy our Italian Sausage. Until one day, when two men in suits came in to purchase Italian Sausage. After the two men left, three men came in and asked to speak with the owner and see his retail license. After Mario showed them the Fabbri wholesale license, they pulled out their badges and said they were from the City of Chicago. They explained that the previous two men were investigators and that he was under arrest for not having a retail sales license! A couple of cops came in, handcuffed Mario and took him to jail. Mario was later bailed out by his son, Ray, and released from jail. Since then Fabbri has acquired a retail sales license. Today there are still many policemen, firemen, and people in the neighborhood that stop in to buy our Italian Sausage and Beef.

Hours of Operation

6:30AM - 2:00PM ( Monday - Thursday )

6:30AM - 1:00PM ( Friday )

Closed Saturday & Sunday

Fabbri Sausage Mfg. Co. Inc.
166 N Aberdeen St
Chicago, IL 60607 
Phone: (312) 829-6363

Retail Price List


              Italian Sausage
               Hot - Zesty - Mild
         Packed: Bulk, Rope or Linked   

    Sheboygan Style Bratwurst, 4-1 Links

    Italian Roast Beef

         Sliced Italian Beef, 10 lb box

      Italian Beef Gravy, 100 oz pack


      Italian Meatballs, Raw 2 oz, 10 lb box
 Italian Meatballs, Cooked 1 oz, 15 lb box

$3.00 lb.

$3.00 lb.

$7.00 lb.

$4.00 bx.

$45.00 bx.
$49.00 bx.

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Note: Sales are in store only, and we cannot ship any retail sales.

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